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Wissenschaftsdidaktik at RUB

Wissenschaftsdidaktik deals with how various academic disciplines and their – sometimes cross-disciplinary – facets can be taught and learned.

Our focus

The focus of our work is to support teaching and studying at RUB. We particularly look at how specific knowledge and methods can be successfully taught and acquired in classroom teaching or combined with online elements. Part of this is the question of how students can grasp and acquire the ways of thinking and acting particular to their subject as well as the general, cross-disciplinary principles and skills and how they can develop a true researcher’s attitude. Moreover, we observe the teaching of contents and the designing of learning processes by lecturers with regard to individual teaching and learning settings and the particular curricula of the study programme. In this context, the principle of “learning through research” plays a special role as an important approach of didactics of higher education and corresponding with the teaching agenda at RUB.

Our method

We are committed to using our expertise to support teachers and researchers of all status groups as well as students by providing support, trainings, courses and other offers. Moreover, we work closely together with other RUB actors who work in the field of teaching and learning. We help university teachers get connected and use our many contacts to develop and to spread good practice examples.

Our didactic and conceptual work always considers current scientific findings and  the specifics of the different disciplines. For teaching and learning as well as for the technical applications we provide and run, we keep designing and testing new approaches, critically reflecting and evaluating the success of our approaches and, if needed, developing them further. This is how we constantly stimulate the development of teaching and learning processes at RUB and, in addition, participate in and contribute to the wider discussions in the fields of e-learning, didactics of higher education and writing pedagogy.

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