HD14 - Teaching in English


  • Mehr Sicherheit im Lehren auf Englisch gewinnen
  • Sich mit der eigenen Rolle auseinandersetzen
  • Erweitern der sprachlichen Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten
  • Sprachliche Unterschiede besser verstehen
  • Ausbau des Methodenrepertoires
  • Erfahrungsaustausch


Teaching in German is a familiar task; teaching in English by contrast very often presents a tough challenge for many. What is known and clear in your mother tongue becomes immediately strange and unclear, turning what were routine tasks such as holding lectures, leading discussions and putting points across into daunting obstacles. This two-part workshop (1.5 days) will provide you some opportunity to practice speaking English before a group in a safe environment on specific subjects, and will also discuss the role of the lecturer in this context in such areas as question techniques,
interaction with students, and facilitating exchange.The workshop will consist of an introductory segment on the first day describing parameters and discussing perceptions, and a longer practical segment in part involving video recording to take place on the second day. You will be given your tasks at the close of the first day to prepare for performance on the second day.In order to maximize the benefit, it is recommended participants bring some existing material to prepare or expand, and if your lecture material is in digital form, please also bring your own laptop to the workshop.The workshop  will be held in English, but is designed with primarily German-speaking learners of English in mind rather than native speakers.


Trainervortrag, Einzel- und Gruppenarbeit, Plenumsdiskussionen, Übungen, Feedback, Erfahrungsaustausch, Videofeedback
Für die vollständige Teilnahme an HD 14 erhalten Sie 12 AE.

Montag, 14. Januar 2019
4. Februar 2019 - 13:30 bis 17:30 5. Februar 2019 - 9:00 bis 17:00
Betty Boden